We will only be a valuable partner for our customers if we are able to understand their current reality and envision their future environment in order to prepare and accompany them to achieve their business objectives.


We have created our own observation environment, based on external sources of knowledge, which allows us to see the future needs of our clients.


Anticipating future needs has as its starting point the analysis and diagnosis of the current situation. In this way, we will be able to identify areas for improvement in order to develop an innovation model that allows the growth and acceleration of the business model.

The starting point is to limit the area of need, creating a team of Key Players participating in the process. From there, through a dynamic immersion session with innovation tools based on the Design Thinking methodology, a map of areas for improvement and anticipation will be developed.


At Integra we are known for having a multi-generational ecosystem that is perceived more than as a challenge, as an opportunity. Baby boomers, Generation X, Millenials, Generation Z... all working in the same environment.

Why do we think it is a more than positive point for organizations?

  • We have people with extensive experience and professional trajectory
  • We take advantage of the knowledge of digital natives and their speed of learning
  • We work transversally and with a global vision

But most importantly, it allows us to look to and move forward into the future with the necessary passion, knowledge and innovation.


As a technology consultant specializing in different technological and strategic areas, we have created a value environment for our customers differential in the sector.

Our team of professionals, with a transversal orientation of the business, are able not only to adapt the solutions to the current context, but also to anticipate the future environment.

This is possible thanks to different inputs, such as a long trajectory, a great sectorial experience, top world brands of which we are partners, an ecosystem of open knowledge and an observatory for talent management.