About Integra

We are a technology consulting firm, made up of different divisions and benchmark brands, which creates, through specialisation in technological and strategic areas, an environment of value for our clients that makes a difference in the sector.

Who we are

We were born in 1986 in Aragon as a training and IT company. Three decades later, we are focused on the digital transformation of companies, with presence throughout the country. We have gained relevance in national markets and have consolidated our leadership and differentiation with transversal projects and innovative technological solutions. We have the highest technical certifications and important alliances that reinforce our commitment to permanent innovation.


C/ Bolonia, 12
50008, Zaragoza

Paseo Sagasta, 47
50007, Zaragoza

Plaza Roma F1, 1º planta
50010, Zaragoza

976 46 76 76


C/ Pajaritos, 12
28007, Madrid

C/ Anabel Segura 10
edif A, 1º planta
28100, Alcobendas (Madrid)

91 576 55 92


Edificio Alfonso XII
Travessera de Gràcia nº 73, 3ª, 7º
08006, Barcelona

902 48 46 46


Edf. BiscayTIK
Avda. Zugazarte, 32
48930, Getxo

902 48 46 46


Rambla Méndez Núñez, 22 7º planta
03002, Alicante

902 25 94 54

Amsterdam (Holanda)

Amsterdam, Noord-Holland 1017AZ, NL


+31 625 052 520

Corporate video

We are Integra

Our Purpose

Our mission is to anticipate the technological needs of our customers, understanding their now and envisioning their future, accompanying them to face with guarantees the challenges of a new era.


The heart of Integra.

There are many of us building a better future day by day. Together we add the enthusiasm and knowledge of the great Integra team.

Our HR program "Integra Identity" encourages the participation and socialization of the entire team, creating emotional experiences and great engagement. Training workshops, leisure activities, children's campus and solidarity actions, a great program that every day reinforces our identity.

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