Smart City World Congress discovers our SmartEye solution

Thursday, 17 November, 2022
The city of Barcelona hosted the Smart City World Congress from 15 to 17 November with a focus on the use of new technologies, the energy sector, the environment and new infrastructures to create a more sustainable society.

Our IoT department, led by Gabriel García Rubio, took advantage of the forum offered by this congress to present, together with Microsoft, AonChip and Consein, our SmartEye solution to achieve a smart agriculture model. 

And what is SmartEye? It is a platform that brings digitalisation to the world of agriculture. A solution that brings benefits such as increased productivity, cost and time savings and finding a tool that facilitates decision-making. With a control of different variables that allows us to have an accurate view in real time of everything that is happening, SmartEye offers a change in the way of monitoring fields and farms. The use of this information is the impetus for success in every sector.