Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Physicall assets are, for most companies, the key to excellence. We create end-to-end value around everything those assets have to say. Real-time data adquisition, non-intrusive systems and analytics that generate business variables are part of our philosophy.

  • Automotive location

    Location system developed for car dealerships and manufacturers. Control your most important assets both indoor and outdoors.

  • Industry 4.0

    Data is the new 4.0, but to keep up, you need to generate in real time new variables that enable your transformation.

  • Smart agriculture

    Monitor your crop efficiency and take the best decisions to achieve higher productivity and cost reduction.

  • Risk prevention

    Technology enables you to achieve greater risk control, real time variables measurement and instantaneous responses.

  • Asset location

    Track your most valued asset globally with our multiple asset tracking solutions.

  • Utilities

    Water, electricity, gas or oil consumption wirelessly controlled to serve your core systems.

  • Smart mold control

    Through our mold control solution ( we can monitor your molds all around the globe. Trazability, use, quality, location and much more using a simple IoT device.

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