Digitalizing Cultural Heritage to Ensure its Preservation

Monday, 25 September, 2023
Integra has collaborated with the Municipality of Talamantes on a project to digitize its artistic heritage by creating a digital twin of its patron saint, San Miguel, which can be visited on its website.

Using photogrammetry and subsequently processing the obtained images, a digital model accessible from any device is created, a digital twin that allows the study and dissemination of this heritage while safeguarding these historical jewels from the passage of time. The digitized information provides a greater guarantee for future restorations and visibility from any location to an identical replica of this work.

This project is part of our Digital Heritage area's initiatives, which aim to put new technologies at the service of heritage. A disruptive model of sustainability that redefines how to work with heritage, digitally documenting and preserving to ensure that cultural legacy survives and reaches future generations.

The San Miguel of Talamantes is a wooden carving from approximately the 15th century, which has preserved the gilding and original polychrome, with minor damage caused by the passage of time. Now, Talamantes becomes a pioneer, being the first town in the area to undertake a project of this type and ensuring that its past and tradition have their own space in the future through the use of technology.