2020, the year of Artificial Intelligence

Date 9/07/2020
Category Big Data
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is greatly influencing today’s business landscape even though it is still unknown for some companies.

The Artificial Intelligence Report of Ernst & Young (EY) states that 89 % of survey respondent companies expect that Artificial Intelligence optimises the operations of the company and, 74 % hope AI to be the key to attract new customers. And, that is because Artificial Intelligence eases work, accelerates processes and drives companies to success.

What can Artificial Intelligence (AI) do for your company?

- Process automation: mechanise manual processes will let companies to save time to use it in important tasks.

- Analyse data: Artificial Intelligence will help you manage and analyse the big amount of data that nowadays we have at our disposal. Having all these data under control will be useful for a better decision-making, to design strategies and optimise existing processes.

- Customer service: having a device to assist customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, is a way of gaining customer loyalty, answer simple questions and be always available for them. By using Bots and Chatbots, you will assist your customers and save time.

- Workers assistance: Artificial Intelligence has been always regarded as a substitute of workers, but it is just the opposite, it is a tool to assist workers on their managing processes. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, workers will have more time for decision-making, assisting customers, etc.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence.

Some of the main advantages of installing Artificial Intelligence in the processes of the organisation are:

- Automation of processes

- More accurate movements and actions

- Decrease human mistakes

- Save time

- Better decision-making

- Increase productivity

- Release workers from mechanic tasks

- Continuous attention to clients

Tips to introduce Artificial Intelligence into your company

- Accept that results are not immediate. Artificial Intelligence must be understood and adjusted to the needs of the company so we will get the results in the medium to the long term, not immediately.

- It is not a worker, just a tool. For an optimal running, it must be nourished with data and information and, adjusted to the company needs. Workers must understand that it is a friend, not a rival.

Cortana Intelligence Suite

We want you to meet Cortana Intelligence Suite. This solution will help you to manage your business. Cortana Intelligence Suite provides predictive and cognitive applications, this means that while it collects, analyses and stores data it also can learn from its predictions and the results it gets. This action eases decision-making.

What does Cortana Intelligence Suite offers?

- Information management

Local data and cloud data management

- Big Data storage

Enjoy a centralised and well-managed data repository of your company

- Machine learning

Get a solution with machine learning and advanced data analysis

- Dashboards and views

Transform the data of your company. Create visual and complete presentations to understand the data obtained and make better decisions.

From Actio, we want to advise and inform you about the implementation of Artificial Intelligence in your company. Our professional team will help you at any time to answer your questions, manage the installation and help you through the whole process. Contact us!