5 reasons to bet email marketing

Date 12/07/2019
Category Marketing Automation

The payment means and channels have grown throughout the last years, and we have been able to read many articles where email marketing was discarded as a channel and, in many cases, we were advised against using it.

Email marketing has earned a bad reputation due to the abuse of the channel, the trend of buying third-party databases and the lack of training for its proper use.

However, more and more studies, reports and some brands’ own experiences prove that email marketing is working better than ever and that it is an indispensable channel to promote loyalty and engagement levels of the brands, as well as for lead generation and conversion improvement.

If you are still doubtful about email marketing being an efficient channel today, we give you five reasons as to why below.

1. It is still cheap and gets great conversion

If we compare the costs and investment to other online channels, email marketing is one of the cheapest as well as providing the most results.

A recent study made by Ascend2 about Trends of Digital Marketing in 2019 says email marketing is the third most effective.

2. GDPR: We can’t go “over the line” anymore

Although for many companies the arrival of the new data protection regulations has been a headache and has meant the reduction of many databases, it has favoured good practices in email marketing and, therefore, control over what is sent, to whom and why.

No more “buying” third-party databases. However, we say “buying” when we would like to say “stealing” because, throughout our years of experience, we have encountered many illegal ways of capturing data.

Moreover, no more sending mass emails, since everything is taken more seriously now and the opt-outs or subscription cancellation policies must be well managed and visible, which means a bad campaign can trigger a great quantity of unsubscriptions from the database due to the GDPR’s arrival.

3. Reputation matters A LOT

Words such as deliverability, sender domain, IP Warming, DNS records, etc. are starting to be included in the vocabulary of many companies and their email marketing teams.

No more creating a free Mailchimp account and starting to send emails without any parameters or configuration that makes sending them safe.

Each day it’s more important to have a good reputation as “email sender” according to GMAIL and HOTMAIL, since they are the most popular domains in any database.

Why? Because if you don’t take care of your emails and you don’t get a good opening and interaction rate both GMAIL and HOTMAIL can mark you as spam, even from people that are actually interested.

Nowadays, deliverability is one of the main pain points of any email marketing professional.

If you think you don’t have any issues, it may be because:

  • You have no idea about it (“I hit send, and off we go!).
  • You know about it, but you ignore the issue (until it explodes).
  • You are managing everything correctly (as you should!).

4. Greater attention to detail

Nowadays more and more companies are aware and try to offer custom marketing or “1-to-1 marketing” to their users.

Advanced segmentation based on the user’s digital behaviour , customization of contents inside the email or even adapted communication according to each user’s favourite channel are strategies that many brands are taking into account and favour the efficiency of their email marketing campaigns.

During an email marketing strategy, it is essential to analyse the campaigns thoroughly to know the exact level of interaction of each user. We can’t keep trying to impact users that haven’t opened our emails in months (or even years).

5. There are platforms for all tastes, sizes and budgets

Your email marketing campaigns will be more effective than ever if you find the platform that allows you to implement all actions, strategies and best practices.

Being able to count on a powerful email marketing platform is no longer out of reach for any brand.

In addition, there are platforms that aren’t used only for email marketing, but also for marketing automation, and they allow having a unique vision of the user to analyse their behaviour and send custom multichannel communications.

One of the best example is the marketing automation platform ActiveCampaign, which offers all the possibilities mentioned in scalable prices according to specific requirements and needs of any brand.

If we have been able to convince you with these five reasons and you want to give email marketing a try, don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to talk to you.

At Integra, we have a digital marketing team specialized in marketing automation strategies and a team of certified experts in different platforms such as Acoustic, Active Campaign, Hubspot, SendinBlue or Salesforce Marketing Cloud.



María Martínez