Acoustic Marketing Cloud: Creating Hyper-Personalized Experiences

Date 6/09/2022
Category Marketing Automation

In such a mature market of marketing automation and user experience platforms, it can be difficult to assess which is the best solution for our business, since we must be able to know very well the features offered by each one and if they fit our needs and requirements. However, if there is one thing that must be taken into account, it is that the technological platform chosen must allow you to evolve and scale your strategy as the needs of users and customers change.

One of the most powerful, agile and simple platforms that never stops innovating thinking about what marketing departments and users need is Acoustic Marketing Cloud. Back in 2015, at Integra we bet on Acoustic when it was a complete email marketing tool known as Silverpop Engage; later, and managed by IBM, it evolved into a versatile marketing automation platform called Watson Campaign Automation.

Acoustic and its evolution in marketing automation
Since Acoustic acquired IBM's marketing suite in 2019, they have been firmly committed to providing a technology solution for marketing teams (without the need to work with code and with a friendly user interface) and without having to give up any key functionality.

Acoustic was one of the first platforms to incorporate features such as STO (Send Time Optimization) in email marketing, which allows you to choose the optimal sending time and day for each user, based on their behavior and interactions with our digital content; it also offers great flexibility in the data structure that facilitates the modeling of complex databases through relational tables and queries (or advanced searches). And all this without the need for programming knowledge, without having to touch the code, offering marketing teams a platform adapted to their needs.

Acoustic's solution for creating personalized experiences
As part of its drive to innovate, Acoustic has recently released a new update to its multichannel content manager called "Marketing Cloud Multichannel Composer".

This new content manager further enhances the possibilities for generating creatives, email pieces, campaigns and layouts to deliver the best experiences via messaging to customers.

The benefits of Acoustic Marketing Cloud as a content manager.
These are some of the main improvements incorporated in the new Marketing Cloud Multichannel Composer:

  • "Zero-Code" content manager:An intuitive interface with drag-and-drop system to be able to create high quality and 100% mobile-friendly email pieces in an agile way, without the need for code and allowing you to work without depending on technical layout profiles.
  • Expand engagement through all channels: reach your users through email, SMS, MMS, SMS WhatsApp, Print, Push and Social Audiences.
  • Personalized content: apply if-then rules even in much more complex scenarios, allowing creatives and marketing teams to set up hyper-personalized campaigns and pieces that can be triggered later in automated customer journeys.
  • Personalized "privacy-first" forms: Capture user consent directly at the source and in a fully personalized way, making it easy to create campaigns based on their permissions and preferences.

Self-service" segmentation: Create simple (or complex!) segmentations from different data sources - such as a CRM, CDP, or DMP - and, again, without the need for support from technical teams.

What can I achieve with this marketing automation platform?
The result: a much more effective marketing, in terms of productivity improvement and technical independence of marketing teams, and at the user level, offering 100% personalized email pieces that provide value and experiences that invite conversion and loyalty.

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María Martínez