CO2 Care: the IoT solution to monitor the air quality

Date 30/06/2021
Category IoT

CO2, or Carbon Dioxide, is one of the main pollutants present in our atmosphere and harmful to our health. The highest concentration can be found in closed spaces with flow of people and little, poorly controlled ventilation.

Moreover, measuring carbon dioxide is key to certifying the air is clean and free of any kind of pathogen (virus or bacteria). High levels of CO2 could originate health issues so it’s important to measure the air quality in spaces where there is a high concentration of people.

What are the recommended CO2 levels for a good air quality?

There is a direct link between CO2 levels and common health issues, since this gas displaces the surrounding oxygen causing health problems (headaches, lack of concentration, drowsiness, dizziness and respiratory problems).

In a breathable environment, the recommended levels of CO2 are between 400 and 800 ppm (parts per million).

Real-time monitoring of CO2 levels can help in the decision making process about limited capacity, ventilation times or space distribution in closed spaces, this way we can adapt to the regulations demanded by the ever-changing legislations.

New legislative changes regarding air quality in closed spaces

Legislative changes regarding closed spaces had to happen due to the current situation that we are living in, forcing us to control the capacity in offices, schools, restaurants or events. Autonomous community such as Navarra or Galicia were the first to start enforcing measures that include having to own CO2 measurement systems.

We have created a solution that helps face this situation and ensure safety in closed spaces, CO2 Care, smart CO2 monitoring system that allows real-time management of the quality of air in indoor spaces through multiple variables. CO2 Care is a SaaS and multi-user platform for preventive healthcare powered by Microsoft Azure, utilizing Sigfox’s sensor technology.

How can CO2 Care help you control air quality?

This comprehensive IoT solution allows companies and institutions manage the quality of air indoors to prevent health issues in their employees, providing data in real-time 24 hours a day, fully decentralized and unattended.

How does CO2 Care work?

CO2 Care opens a new decision making route based on data from sensors and IoT technologies. Thanks to its analytics abilities, Microsoft Azure processes the data, which is later sent to the user-based app in IoT Central. The system allows a great level of customization regarding users, roles, dashboard panels, maps, data visualization, warnings, rules, actions, etc. 

The goal is helping any organization get the right technological tools to have a safe workspace and greater employee satisfaction. At Integra, we have developed this tool that is already helping Human Resources and Risk Prevention departments of many companies make better decisions regarding their prevention activities.

Do you want to know more about CO2 Care? Find out how! We strive to put technology at people’s service and exploit your business’ full potential.



María Mateo