Communication tools for Smart Working

Date 27/10/2021
Category Strategy

During the last few months, the concept of Smart Working is in every conversation about what the future holds for companies, both from the employee’s and the company’s point of view.

In a previous post, we analysed the key aspects of implementing such a work model. The important part here is knowing what instead of how when trying to implement this new dynamic.

In the midst of digital transformation, it might seem obvious that not only our types of relationships and environments have changed, but also the way of working and understanding that work. This means companies need to adapt to these changes and achieve satisfaction, motivation and production from their employees.

Which communication tools will help us implement Smart Working?

We will focus on communication tools as the essential ally to achieve our goals with success. Companies have been forced to promote teleworking and this means, among other things, providing their employees with smart working tools so that they may perform their tasks in the most efficient way from a position that can vary in location and might be remote.

With these tools, we can optimize communications between employees, even when they are in remote places, and we can automate tasks and edit documents in a more collaborative way through an internet connection. It is also important to have communication tools that allow employees to work remotely and keep in touch between them in real time.

One of the many communication tools that allows real time interaction is Microsoft Teams, an integrated cloud PBX system that enables the centralization of business communications (both internal and external), speeding up the interaction between teams.

This type of communication tool allows unifying all telecommunications. From traditional phone calls to calls done through the internet or video calls, and even the chat is important, since it will become the star internal communication tool of your organization. Finally, we can share files between employees and create workgroups with their corresponding task managers.

These systems of unified interaction have become a fundamental basis for professional work, since they allow people to work together remotely, share contents and perform meetings. Furthermore, with an important addition, the conservation of information and the ease of use of these tools.

Smart Working, model of the future

Even though Smart Working had been implemented in the past in very few occasions, the turning point was reached during the paradigm shift brought about by COVID-19. Each day, more organizations (both big and SMEs) are betting on it in Spain and outside of our borders. In the United States, A survey of executives and finance leaders found that 74% of them plan to continue having some of their team working remotely even after the restrictions brought on by the pandemic are lifted and we return to the new normal.

Companies such as Dell, Facebook, Google and Microsoft in the US, or for example SEAT, Heineken and Banco Sabadell in Spain, are implementing Smart Working to offer this work model to their employees.

Smart Working in a model for the future and especially important for companies that want to attract the best talent. Generation Z will soon be an essential part of the world’s workforce, 21% of them consider flexibility as one of the main reasons to accept a job offer. Any company that wants to add more people to their teams to keep growing will need to create a more comfortable agile environment in which they may develop their abilities.

In conclusion, we must change and transform our work model, create a habitat that’s attractive to young talent and represents the future of our companies, and implement, with the use of these technologies, a complete digitalization of our organizations. A new and smarter way of working, a look into the future from another perspective.

Do you have any doubts about how to perform the transition into a new work model? Do you need any help digitalizing your company? Do you need another perspective to improve your processes and recruit new talent for your company? Contact us and we will help you implement and master the use of the best communication tools to transform your organization into an efficient and attractive environment.



Daniel García Vallespín