E-Commerce, closest than ever to customer

Date 20/05/2020
Category E-Commerce

The current lockdown that the whole world is passing through has led to customer habits changes. The fact of going outdoor just to buy what is essential has increased online shopping.

According to collected data by UNO, Logistics and Transport Enterprise Organisation, e-commerce has increased by 50% since lockdown started. It deserves to be said that it has not affected equally to every sector. Nourishment firms (+168%), and pharmacies are what have experienced the largest growth. However, while de-escalation goes ahead other sort of sectors are benefiting like sports, decor, gardening…

Many businessmen comes betting for different channels for a long time, O2O, offline to online or online to offline, attract clients from physical establishment to the web or vice versa. Changes happened due to COVID-19 have reinforce and consolidated this idea. Companies that did not count on digital presence before have been forced to have it in order to keep their products and services consumptions alive. Others have newly arise just online. Buyers have had much time during lockdown to investigate, find new brands and products, and compare prices, offers and characteristics. Consumers have become experts, what means that the have as well become more demanding buyers than before.

What consumers appreciate more while checking an e-commerce?

The two aspects more appreciated by consumers by the time they chose an e-commerce are reliability and the added value that they perceive.

  • Reliability. The confidence plays an essential role while buying, as well as happened before the lockdown. A brand needs to show reliability so as to buyers accept and shown interest for its products and services. The first thing they notice is that the brand is reliable and transmits confidence.
  • Added value. Consumers do not just look for a purchase but something else, a recommendation, a tip, something that makes them feel close to the brand and important.

What benefits has E-Commerce add to your business?

  • It has no boundaries. Depending on business size, one is able to limit shipping or service availability nationally, but whenever one wants, can reach the whole globe population.
  • It offers a wider range of products.
  • It gives further information for customers. Through assessments, we will count on whatever sort of information. What we are doing better or worse, consumer tastes, their requests, desires… All the information will allow us to improve and offer what is really of the buyers’ interest.
  • It offers further information about products and services. Clients will be able to contrast different products and services according to their characteristics and they will be able to select what will really cover their needs.
  • 365/24/7 opening hours. Always open no matter what time or day it is. One of the major advantages of an e-commerce is the freedom consumers have to purchase.

Now, what will happen to commerces when lockdown end?

Online shopfronts are the new business reality, so there lies the importance of an e-commerce. Any expert have yet spoken about what will happen when everything gets back to new normality, but consumers are not going to be the same as they have got used to new buying habits and become quite more demanding.

During this stage many business have faced ‘digital jump’ but just a few have design a previous strategy for the whole company, not just while huge demand. Something crystal clear is that having presence on the Internet adds great probability of being purchased as well as many more competitors. Therefore, you have to think further than an e-commerce. You need to accompany this strategy with additional assets so that things work. For instance, developing a SEO strategy feeds social channels to enhance them, investing in digital publicity, etc.

Summarizing, having a potent and clear Digital Marketing Plan.

The growth of online sales is a fact and you have to take advantage of the opportunity. Do not miss it and get informed about your business possibilities to adopt an e-commerce platform. Shall we talk?