Integra and Libelium join to create AgroTech

Date 2/05/2019
Category IoT
Integra, Libelium and Microsoft Azure join forces to bring the technological revolution to the agricultural sector with Agrotech.

The agricultural sector is of vital importance to all countries as it contributes to the proliferation of industry, the prosperity of citizens, the supply of food and the development of a country's economy. Agricultural activity feeds 80% of the world's population, so it is very important to be aware of the fundamental role it plays in people's lives and to develop advances in this area.

Technological revolution has allowed society to advance by leaps and bounds and the agricultural world not to be left behind. The implementation of disruptive technologies such as the Internet of Things in Agriculture had to come, and Integra, Libelium and Microsoft Azure have joined forces to make it possible by developing Agrotech.

Agrotech is a smart agriculture IoT platform to maximize crop yield. This system has been impulsed by Ibercaja to promote smart agriculture and support agricultural producers. The main objective of Agrotech is to provide an autonomous IOT measurement system, without any action on the part of the users who have it installed in their fields. Thanks to intelligent systems like Agrotech and artificial intelligence, farmers can consume natural resources more efficiently and know when the best time is to sow, irrigate, fertilize or harvest.

The Agrotech project has already been introduced in several vineyards in Aragon (Spain). Spain is the country with more vineyards than anywhere else in the world and the wine industry is of considerable importance in this country from an economic, environmental, social and cultural point of view. However, the Spanish wine sector must face the problems arising from rural depopulation and global warming. For this reason, new IoT technologies are beginning to be developed to tackle climate change.

The Agrotech system is made up of several sensors that are introduced into the fields and that allow measuring variables such as temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, wind or solar radiation. Some of the most influential factors affecting grapes are temperature, rain, sunlight or wind, and knowing these aspects in advance can help experts determine the quality of the wine.

Communications diagram of Agrotech project in Aragón, Spain.

The nodes, placed on the fields, communicate with the gateway via 4G, which sends the information to the cloud through 4G as well. For data display, the software used is Integra’s Smarteye.

Smarteye is a generic and multi-user platform for the agricultural sector. It is hosted in Microsoft Azure and is an IOT tool that allows the visualization of high value agronomic data. This system allows the monitoring of fields and farms by measuring variables that provide useful information for farmers and help them in their daily lives.

Smarteye platform developed by Integra - Agrotech Display

Today it is more necessary than ever to work on solutions that ensure sustainable development, protect the environment and improve social welfare. The Agrotech project promotes sustainable agriculture, the saving of natural resources and, in fact, the well-being and quality of life wordlife.




María Mateo Pardo