IoT technology to stop the spread of the Coronavirus

Date 21/04/2020
Category IoT

On those hectic COVID-19 days, Public Institutions such as State and Federal Governments have taken measures to avoid the virus spread. Without any doubt, the most used one is mobility restriction.

Despite the information and media and public authorities warning of staying at home, many people decide to disobey the law.

Integra and Libelium have developed a joint solution called S-PACES to avoid this. The police is already using it to control in real time people and vehicles traffic 24/7 and ensure the effective follow of the measures.

Meshlium Scanner devices have been placed throughout the city to detect Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals sent out by people and vehicles mobile devices. Without being connected to a specific access point, any mobile or vehicle hands-free device can be detected when getting into the detection rate.

After being processed, all data are visually displayed on the innovative solution S-PACES. The tool generates charts showing the evolution of people and vehicles circulation on different city areas over the time as well as alarms if certain traffic is exceed or many people are gathering on a certain point.

This device is easily movable so it can be used as a mobile radar for people too. In addition to that, it can estimate the next hours and days flow basing on past data.

I would like to highlight that this solution will not only help us during COVID-19 but it has come to stay. The crisis will make a difference on the installation of these solutions that without the shadow of a doubt will improve security in the future.

Our colleague María Mateo has shared a good reflection about useful tools to fight Coronavirus on her post ‘Cutting-edge technologies in times of Coronavirus’.

Integra is working hard to do our bit providing solutions to fight against Coronavirus across the world.

We are looking forward to seeing results soon!



Gabriel García


Cristina Albesa