IT Talent Outsourcing

Date 26/05/2021
Category Technology

Throughout the years, the market has evolved into a more competitive environment in which companies prefer to delegate certain processes to specialized providers in order to focus their efforts in other business lines. We are talking about outsourcing, a strategy used by specialized consulting firms that offer specialized support to other companies.

Without the shadow of a doubt, having the best talent represents an advantage when it comes to achieving any company’s goals, that’s why in Integra we are specialists in IT resources outsourcing since each day more companies bet on managing their work strength with this model.

What advantages does IT talent outsourcing bring?

IT resources outsourcing, generating talent for a company, brings multiple benefits. That is why we have prepared a selection of highlights so you can define your organization’s strategy with all the information:

  • Reduced business cost: Outsourcing allows companies to manage their hiring, internal training, infrastructure or technology expenses.
  • Higher degree of specialization: Finding personnel specialized in a concrete area is a hard task for many companies due to the changing market. At Integra we are experts in this sector and, by hiring our services, a company is able to focus in its Core Business, increasing specialization while their business expands.
  • Experienced specialists: Having an expert selection team will guarantee the trust needed in order to reach the company’s goals. They provide the client with a good team, which will only need specific information on the sector or main activities of the company.
  • Productivity and quality increase: we can assure a quality result if the company hires a third party with experience in the required area, since it is an organization specialized in a concrete area, meaning it has the expertise in capturing and selecting talent and it’s able of doing the job in a lesser period of time, increasing productivity and efficiency.
  • Get ahead of the competition or they will: Another advantage of outsourcing is the way it can boost our business development. Thanks to this boost provided by outsourcing, we are able to get ahead of our competition. On the contrary, since most companies are already outsourcing some type of service, it wouldn’t be wise not doing it when our competition does, it could be a mistake that would make us see how they get ahead of us.

Usually, it seems more expensive than direct hiring, and that is the main criticism outsourcing gets. However, even though outsourcing fees can seem higher, they are really just the result of assuming a company’s main expenses. The same package includes the following expenses: gross salary, insurance, staff management and administration, otherwise we would assume them through other channels. Considering every advantage, this investment gives immediate profit. The proof of this lies in the recurrence of this type of profiles in some of the largest companies of the sector.

At Integra, we know the people that form the organization are essential to it. We work meticulously and vigorously in our selection processes and, in addition, we manage our teams provided to the client in order to retain the talent and offer a long-term differential value.

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