Marketing Automation vs email marketing

Date 7/06/2019
Category Marketing Automation
It is the key moment to bid farewell to Email Marketing to welcome Marketing Automation, also known as behavioral marketing.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation is a methodology based on the use of technology to execute and automate the processes and multi-channel communications previously defined in a digital marketing strategy, with the main objective of guiding users in the best customer experience.

What can we do with Marketing Automation WCA?

  • Automate Marketing processes: Marketing Automation technology allows us to trigger e-mails, sms or Push notifications of an app from a feature of our database contacts, through their behavior on our website or their interaction with our emails.
  • Automate sales processes: Sales Automation provides a 24/7 sales force. From the entrance of each new lead we can interact with it and take it along the sales funnel without the need for a commercial to be behind the conversation. All this in a personalized, direct and personal way.
  • Automate transactional processes: from a thank you for the purchase to the sending of invoice notifications and any transactional process of your company.

The benefits of Marketing Automation are:


  • A global vision
  • Effectiveness
  • Monitoring
  • Personalization
  • Segmentation
  • Multichannel
  • Optimization
  • Commercial 365
  • Analytical

Although it seems very complex, marketing automation is a strategy that is easy to manage and execute, and very effective. But it is important to have the necessary technology to be able to express its functionalities to the maximum, and for that we will use the IBM tool: WATSON CAMPAIGN AUTOMATION. This solution is a multichannel platform with a wide implantation in the market, both in the medium and in the large company, which allows to carry out and automate multichannel campaigns based on the behavior of the users, offering a 100% personalized experience, maintain and register multiple interactions with the user, and that allows the integration with other software and channels. It is no coincidence that, according to Forrester, it is the leading platform in its segment.

What does Watson Campaign Automation allow us to do?


  • Design and automate multichannel experiences and processes.
  • Make better decisions and know the "path" of contacts.
  • Optimize time and investment in marketing campaigns.

Watson Campaign Automation allows users to be known and segmented based on profile data, their digital behaviour or accumulated scoring; send communications via email marketing, transactional messages (which are sent to the user in response to an action they have carried out themselves), push or SMS notifications, personalizing and adapting all these communications according to the channel and the user.

It is an analytical tool that monitors campaigns in real time and in which objectives can be set and alerts can be received according to indicators, allowing us to learn and improve thanks to predictive analytics.

From INTEGRA, we work hand in hand with IBM with this automation platform and we have a team specializing in Marketing Automation projects, certified and with extensive experience.




Juan Miguel Vera