Optimize your sales processes with an automated CRM

Date 18/07/2018
Category Marketing Automation
For any company or independent professional, using a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is vital to their business. Currently the needs evolve, the customer demands a multichannel experience and personalized content, sales and marketing actions have to be fully coordinated, for this I present the Active Campaign a solution based on the integration of a CRM with Marketing Automation functionalities with the aim of automating the commercial actions of your business and optimize the entire life cycle of the customer, from the capture, conversion and subsequent loyalty of your customers. Close more opportunities, optimise your sales processes: welcome to the world of Sales Automation.

Has it ever happened to you?

  • Missing an opportunity by forgetting to follow up.
  • Not knowing the purchase intention of your potentials or their stage in your sales funnel.
  • Spend endless hours entering opportunities or contacts manually.
  • Obtain alphabetical listings of potential customers.
  • Total lack of coordination between marketing and sales actions.
  • Consult various databases to find the necessary information about your client.

So you need an Automated CRM solution that allows you to get more information about your leads, streamline opportunity management, coordinate sales and marketing actions and get an updated and unified database, but what are the main features of Active Campaign CRM as a Sales Automation solution? As it is a marketing automation platform, the possibilities are multiplied, in order to go deeper into its capabilities as a CRM, I would like to emphasize the following functionalities related to commercial management:

Configure your sales process and monitor it

Design your own sales funnel by combining automated or personal business tasks. Offer the best possible user experience during the sales process and save your sales team time at the same time.

Visualize in real time your sales funnel to check the status of your opportunities through the different stages. This will allow you to detect critical stages and optimize them.

Generate more potential customers and optimize your relationship with them

Easily manage your contact list, use powerful filtering options based on their behavior, and access specific contact segments most likely to be converted to impact them at the right time with automated multi-channel campaigns. You will also be able to see the complete history of a specific contact: response to campaigns, commercial actions, web behaviour, etc.

Grow your list of potential automatically with more than 150 apps and integrations that will allow you to easily channel all new contacts generated through your e-commerce platform, web forms, Webinar attendees, blog subscribers and even leads generated through campaigns in LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms or Facebook Lead Ads.

Make your sales team's work easier

Manages permits and controls the allocation of new opportunities generated. Create automated business tasks based on specific actions such as clicks, visits, or downloads. Notifies the sales team with reminders or alerts based on your contacts' activity. Tag your colleagues so they're up to date on updates to a particular contact. Integrate ActiveCampaign with any email client to record in the contact activity all emails sent and received. Motivate your sales team by communicating in real time the conversion metrics between the stages of the sales funnel per user.

Integrate Machine Learning Technology into your sales processes

Active Campaign has recently added features based on Machine Learning technology and artificial intelligence that analyse the behaviour of your contacts and predict their purchase intention.

This new functionality allows to reduce the cost of acquiring customers by segmenting opportunities by their conversion probability. This makes it possible to optimize commercial actions by focusing them on the contacts that really have a purchase intention. With Active Campaign "Win Probability" you will be able to gain in commercial effectiveness and make real predictions of future closings of opportunities.

In short, if you are looking for a solution to manage your sales processes and customer relationships, you should consider sales automation solutions such as Active Campaign. At EFOR we are a certified consulting agency and can help you with platform integration and implement an effective marketing automation strategy tailored to your business. Do not hesitate, contact us!



Guillermo Lope