Predictive analytics: Analise your data for your business growth

Date 6/07/2020
Category Big Data
Currently the volume of data organisations manage is enormous. Companies from all industries can get benefits from data with a correct analysis that allows them to stand out from their competitors.

IBM SPSS Modeler is a predictive analytics software to collect and analyse the relevant data of our organisation to detect tendencies and make predictions. This tool forms accurate predictive models fast and it is designed to support business decisions with predictive intelligence.

Modeler explores collected data and provides the tools to form accurate predictive models in a fast and intuitive way, without programming. This IBM solution, in addition to include a wide range of mathematical algorithms of advanced analytics, it also provides a number of automatic learning and modelling functionalities that let us install these techniques into organisations in a few minutes.

Managing the current volume of data in organisations is a difficult task. New techniques are needed to provide companies with the ability to optimise their strategies and business decision-making, as well as to increase knowledge.

In EFOR, we help you to select decisive data for your business and make a predictive analysis of them. We will train your team to be autonomous in analysis. Also, we define the best complementary infrastructure to SPSS depending on the origin of the information and, to select optimal visualization systems for all of them.

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