Premium Power BI for everyone

Date 23/11/2020
Category Big Data

Our current environment, which is more complex and volatile than before, highlights the need to increase the percentage of wise decisions in strategic decision-making. Supported by Business Intelligence tools we can transform our data into valuable information to optimise our organisation's processes. Premium Power BI is the most advanced version of the applications and systems ecosystem offered by this technology, new functionalities that are now available to everyone.

Microsoft offers a wide range of license formats in its leading Business Intelligence product to suit the demands of all user profiles. The second generation of the Premium version has been created to be more accessible, to have the possibility of subscribing as well as to be more efficient and have more capacity, as the leap in storage capacity of the Pro version is accompanied by a notable increase in speed, executing analysis operations up to 16 times faster.

What are the advanced capabilities of Power BI Premium?

  • Large datasets: The Power BI Pro license is limited to 1 GB of model release, reaching 10 GB of storage in the Premium version.
  • Extend local business intelligence with Power Bi Report Server: Premium incorporates a local server to meet data confidentiality and reporting requirements. This functionality avoids uploading this information to the cloud without restricting shared access to other users.
  • Paginated reports: This type of licence allows you to generate and publish paginated reports within your own portal. In this way, the general dashboard is complemented with more accessible versions for the performance of more simple tasks.
  • Share data with any user without having to buy a license per user: Access to reports and dashboards can be shared with people inside and outside the organization. They do not need to have a Pro license. However, they will still need to have this Pro license to publish reports.
  • Pre-packaged Artificial Intelligence: Microsoft incorporates new models to carry out advanced analysis in the Premium version of Power BI.
  • Incremental updating: Maintenance of large data sets with precise updates and no long-lasting connections, making it possible to reduce resource consumption.

All these Premium features can be activated independently by work areas. In this way, no pay-per-use is applied to the total number of workspaces enabled. Consequently, it implies a reduction in costs.

With the performance analysis and the new enabled metrics, we can detect the problems that slow down our processes to implement the necessary solutions to correct them. In addition, with regard to the Dataflows and as an improvement over the Pro version, it is possible to reference and link different entities.

On the other hand, the Power BI Report Builder tool allows creating and exporting reports and tables called Pixel Perfect. With these reports, the final design is maintained and can be executed keeping the format in other Microsoft Office applications, Adobe, etc.

Besides, the Premium license allows agile life cycle management in Power BI. This is how the user can create, with the use of the ALM toolset, three working environments: testing, development and production. This function enables the movement of datasets, reports or dashboards between the different spaces, but always working with the data hosted in the defined environment. It is a very useful way of multiplying tasks without increasing the time spent on them.

Finally, a further step has been taken in the use of artificial intelligence models in the Dataflows. The implementation of these already programmed models is done automatically by improving the quality of our datasets. Once the fields to be analysed have been configured, the tool itself offers recommended options and, automatic learning is executed in the selected entities during the training time that we define. When it is finished, a report  evaluating the accuracy of the model with the possibility of modifying parameters to improve the results of our analysis is obtained.

What is in the second generation of Power BI Premium?

  • Premium license per user, in addition to the existing format by capacity used to reduce the jump in costs of making the change of version in block for an entire organization. Now it is possible to select only a limited number of profiles for this change.
  • Better performance with increased speed in data analysis operations
  • Better scalability by removing the limits on the simultaneity of updates and without the need for monitoring. Memory restrictions are reduced and the separation between the interaction with the report and the scheduled updates is completed.
  • New metrics for performance and capacity management of the platform
  • Automatic auto scaling of the cores assignment according to the assigned dimensioning and facing punctual demand peaks without using higher capacity and price packages.
  • Reduced administrative overhead by incorporating proactive and configurable notifications on the level of capacity utilization and increased load.

The key to getting the most out of all the features that Microsoft offers is to count on the help and advice of an official partner of the Business Intelligence tool. In this sense, Integra's purpose in having Power Bi in its technological pool has always been to offer our clients the best solutions according to their needs, their objectives and their reality at that moment to accompany them in any type of project.

With the added modifications, Power BI Premium makes its best features more accessible. An economic adjustment demanded by users to make the high range of their business intelligence technology available to everyone. If you need more information or have a project in mind using Power Bi visit