Selligent Marketing Cloud: High-End for your Marketing Automation

Date 20/04/2021
Category Marketing Automation

At Integra, we bet clearly for a multi-tech mentality. A good example of this is our partnerships with different high-end marketing automation technologies such as Salesforce, Active Campaign or Acoustic, all backed-up by a team certified in all these solutions that allow us to offer our clients a solution completely adapted to the needs of their project. Our constant training and proactivity process makes us look for new challenges and solutions, bringing a valuable technological versatility that translates into more options for our clients. That is why today we will talk about a tool different from the ones mentioned and global reference in marketing automation: Selligent Marketing Cloud.

About Selligent Marketing Cloud

It was started in Belgium in 1990 and since then it has become a marketing automation solution reference for more than 700 clients around the whole world, both in Europe and in North America.

In relation to its positioning in the market, in terms of features and project size it would definitely fall into the leading group, led by platforms such as Salesforce, Adobe Marketing Cloud and Oracle.

What type of project is it intended for?

Selligent is defined as a leading platform in marketing cloud that allows B2C brands to involve consumers in all the processes of the different channels. This type of projects are the ones that allow maximizing all the possibilities of a tool. If we take a look at its long list of clients we get an idea of the typology: T-Mobile, Camper, Hunkermöller, Zalando, Desigual, Cinesa, etc. This way, we can see this platform’s focus is 100% B2C.

Multichannel & custom

We are talking about one of the most complete platforms in the market. If we had to define Selligent Marketing Cloud in a single word, it would be “multichannel”. This platform covers a vast spectrum of features and has a high level of customization, which makes it perfect for a B2C project.

Selligent Cortex AI as the base

While analysing the platform, you realise how much effort Selligent has put into developing a multichannel platform that not only integrates the features of other platforms at the time of executing campaigns, but also comes reinforced with a powerful development in Artificial Intelligence. Through its AI layer, we can analyse user behaviour, which translates into real-time custom experiences. The engine of the platform is Selligent Cortex AI, and its function is optimizing processes through the Selligent algorithm. User behaviour is analysed in real-time through this algorithm to impact them by improving the degree of customization, with the perfect product or service at the right time.

The platform

Selligent’s open architecture allows marketing professionals to integrate third-party systems and data, greatly expanding the number of applications and data available. This is possible due to Selligent making use of its API and connectors to integrate other tools with the goal of achieving a clean synchronization that allows a high degree of customization in our marketing automation strategies. Both the API and the connectors offer an effective data integration that translates into an even faster execution of the campaigns.

Selligent Marketing Cloud offers clients the chance of creating experiences for the customer connected with the different channels. In recent years, Selligent has invested in significantly improving the usability of all the platform’s features, which has made it a friendlier platform. Any marketing professional without such a technical profile can enjoy this “user friendly” design. This is easily noticeable at the time of building a customer journey or designing the layout of our newsletter, which is done in an intuitive way thanks to its drag & drop system.

However, email isn’t the only protagonist of the platform. Selligent Marketing Cloud covers the whole customer journey, being able to impact through web notifications, landing pages, APP, SMS, forms and social media.

Its multichannel functionality comes from an integration of all the features, allowing for a high level of customization thanks to its flexible data model, which makes Selligent Marketing Cloud a top tool in the sector. The objective is achieving a high degree of segmentation based on its powerful A/B testing tool, advanced segmentation configuration and relational tables that will add flexibility to your project in the data model.

A good example of the level of customization we can achieve with Selligent Marketing Cloud is the so-called “live content”, where we can customize the timing of the opening taking into account the context of the situation. An example would be making dynamic communications based on the temperature of the location.

Therefore, if you are looking for a Marketing Automation tool that covers the whole journey of your B2C business, Selligent Marketing Cloud is the perfect candidate, not only because of the aforementioned features, but also because of the potential an international company with multiple offices in Europe and North America can bring. In Spain, with presence in Madrid and Barcelona, they offer a support team that helps in your project in the quickest, most effective way taking into consideration any need that might arise. If you want to know more about this tool, how to contract it or implement it in your marketing automation strategy, do not hesitate to contact us.



Javier Asensio