Standardization if reinforced on iot matter through the iso

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Date 12/12/2018
Category IoT
There are many uncertainties about the legislative future of a technology as close to the user as the Internet of Things, which is advancing unstoppably, and it is predicted that in 2023 there will be some 40,000 devices connected in the world. Along with security, it is one of the main stoppers that is holding back the exponential development of our connected devices.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has anticipated events by publishing the first international standard of Internet reference architecture of Things, a standard that facilitates the creation of a common framework for the development of technology of connected devices. This standard aims to standardize internationally the reference architecture of Internet projects of Things, where unifying vocabulary, designs and good practices is achieved "to ensure security, trust and a technological base with robust measures and systems.

The standard called ISO/IEC 30141:2018 Internet of Things (IoT) - Reference Architecture, is intended for use by developers of IoT applications seeking to create systems that are secure, privacy compliant, reliable and highly available to deal with cyber attacks or natural disasters.

A preview of the contents of the standard is shown below:

The international standards that follow in revision in the matter of Internet of Things, more specifically in Industry 4.0, already reach more than 600. These standards look for the efficiency in the implantation and deployment of these new tendencies, as well as their correct operation as for aspects as interoperability, connectivity, cybersecurity, advanced robotics or 3D printing.

Specifically, in California (USA) a law was passed in October on security in connected devices, which obliges manufacturers to take reasonable security measures into account. On the other hand, in Spain the Specification UNE 0060 Industry 4.0 has been published. Management system for digitization, which pursues the objective of promoting the digitization of Spanish industry, through an effective management system.

This is only the beginning of a long way to go. The answer to the questions posed remains an unknown...It WILL CONTINUE.

 Article written by: Gabriel García and Laura Ramos



Gabriel García