Why should you use a project management software

Date 15/07/2021
Category Management software

Occasionally, coordinating efforts is difficult for teams and companies. Work has become increasingly detailed, leading to chaos, confusion and exhaustion. At the same time, everyone’s work is becoming harder due to this disorganization.

Knowing exactly who does what and when will revert the impact of unnecessary meetings and will reduce work duplication. By having the available resources visible, we can proactively adjust and adapt the project management, address the essential causes of the exhaustion and increase the resilience. We live in a reality that force us to restructure our processes and workflows to be more efficient so that our performance not only suffers, but also improves.

By allowing entire organizations to use the main components of teamwork: clarity, transparency and responsibility, managing work can help us go from survival to prosperity in our new projects. What are we facing? What is the solution?

The reality of project management

To conclude any common project successfully, the team involved has to face a series of challenges:

  • Collaborators work in isolation: Tensions may arise between collaborators if it’s discovered that they are simultaneously working on cross-cutting concepts, duplicating efforts but achieving worse results. Communication must be multidirectional so that everyone can move forward in their corresponding part, help in common tasks that may be delayed and always maintain the vision of the whole as the final objective.
  • Team member don’t have access to any updated information of the project: Not knowing the global vision of the project and limiting ourselves to specific details of our tasks can bring errors and we might not meet important deadlines. Knowing the entire team’s milestones at all times helps to stay ahead of deadlines and avoid bottlenecks.
  • The management team of the project doesn’t receive reports on progress: A very common mistake is not distributing the hours accordingly, losing time in unnecessary tasks and not redirecting the efforts towards key aspects of the project. When we have a project management tool we are able to prioritize time, giving greater importance to those that have the greatest weight in the final result.

Overcoming these challenges means a change in paradigm and workflows that can completely change the performance and satisfaction of the whole team. A better organization helps get a more concentrated team, increasing their abilities and decreasing the exhaustion that comes with disorganization. Applying agile methodologies making use of project management tools is the perfect recipe for successfully overcoming these challenges.

From survival to innovation

How do we survive the issues that arise from project management? In order to successfully perform the tasks and projects entrusted to us, we must always keep in mind a series of maxims. We must remind ourselves that these tips will allow us not only to survive, but also to shine in our next challenges.

  • Organize the work: Classifying the different tasks, projects and teams will help us work and lead different projects more efficiently.
  • Contribute a dynamic perspective: The project planning must be clear and presented to all collaborators in real time. This way, the whole team knows who does what and when it will be finished.
  • Process automation: Optimizing the processes so that teams can work more efficiently without wasting time on unnecessary tasks. This way we can redirect all efforts towards the key aspects of the project.

When it comes to solving the majority of the issues that come with project management, we must rely upon these three pillars. Putting technology at people’s service is key to successfully lead digitisation and project management and help our team move forward together towards a common goal.

Using Asana helps connect the isolated teams of different departments, that way we can collaborate more effectively, make our projects visible and prioritize tasks. This allows our team to manage multiple flows of objectives and monitor the indicators and key results. Using a software that allows implementing agile methodologies is perfect for managing projects correctly and effectively.

Would you like more information about how to apply these solutions? We are experts in Asana, an easy to implement tool that works within the cloud with which we can structure and prioritize different tasks and establish deadlines to facilitate and favour the deployment of your organization’s talent. Contact us to start working with this software of which we are an official partner.





Ignacio Sainz