Why Watson Campaign Automation? Bet on cognitive marketing

In a market with a wide range of marketing automation solutions, it is becoming increasingly difficult to choose the technology that best suits the needs of your brand or business.
Date 28/06/2018
Category Marketing Automation
The cognitive functionalities offered by IBM have become a differential factor that makes the Watson Campaign Automation platform one of the most chosen by companies that bet on the trend of cognitive marketing.

These are some of the new features with cognitive factor that are available within the ecosystem of IBM's Marketing Automation solution.

Watson Performance Insights

Performance Insights is a powerful advanced analytics module that enables you to leverage all the data collected within Watson Campaign Automation.

Questions such as which segment produces the most conversion, what offers or content are working best, is my multichannel strategy effective? can be monitored and analyzed.

The new analytical module enables the creation of objectives, benchmarks and alerts associated with them, which allows to know in real time, the campaigns or actions that are having a low performance, making possible a rapid reaction that allows the continuous improvement of the digital strategy of the brands.

In addition, the new dashboards introduce team collaboration to achieve homogenization of all marketing actions and create coherent and unified strategies.

Beyond the use of all the data collected by the platform in real time, IBM will incorporate in future updates, a predictive model through Watson technology that will give instant information on the likelihood of achieving the objectives set based on data and historical metrics of previous campaigns and actions.

Watson Marketing Assistant

Imagine having a personal assistant who can answer any of these questions about your marketing campaigns instantly. The answer is Watson Marketing Assistant.
He is the world's first cognitive marketing assistant with artificial intelligence, capable of processing 10 million records per second and understanding and responding to you in natural language.

What percentage of interaction are my campaigns having, which campaign has worked best, which issue arouses the most interest among my users, which audiences are more likely to hire my product or service?

Watson Marketing Assistant simplifies analysis and decision making for marketing teams based on the results of their campaigns. Just by analyzing the tone (positive, neutral or negative) of an issue in your email marketing campaign and its impact on opening rates, Watson Marketing Assistant provides you with suggestions and metrics to help you make the best decisions.

Watson Real-Time Personalization

Watson Real-Time Personalization is an add-on to Watson Campaign Automation that allows you to further enhance the user experience by offering personalized content within your website. This module allows you to learn from the interactions that the user makes within your page to be able to offer in real time, the ideal content for each one, favoring the conversion and continuous engagement with the brand.

Thanks to cognitive technology, it learns from each of the impacts and interactions and is continuously learning to offer personalized content based on rules and data it collects.

Watson Marketing Insights

Watson Marketing Insights is a module of Watson Campaign Automation that collects key indicators about your users and is able to recommend you which users are most likely to buy again, those who are in the process of abandoning the brand or the optimal audience to impact with a specific campaign.

This solution includes pre-defined cognitive analytics based on the indicators most requested by marketing teams. As a result, you can start working with cognitive technology without the complex processes of data modeling and configuration.

Indicators such as 'abandonment possibility', 'engagement level' or 'lifetime value' are analysed in real time, based on metrics and data connected from Watson Campaign Automation.
Thanks to these indicators, the solution itself is able to recommend which audiences are optimal to be re-impacted or which need an extra
 level of engagement.

At EFOR, we have been working with IBM for more than 3 years with the Watson Campaign Automation marketing automation platform and we have a specific Marketing Automation team with certified personnel that guarantees our specialization.

Our knowledge and experience in digital marketing (web design, social networks, behavioral marketing, automation, email marketing, SEO and SEM, web analytics, etc.), together with the power and innovation of the Watson Campaign Automation platform allows us to offer the technology and strategy needed in marketing automation projects.

For more information or to request a personalized demo, visit: https://www.efor.es/watson/campaign-automation/



María Martínez