IoT for Smart Ski Resorts

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Deployment of a LoRaWAN communication network.


Enhancement of the customer experience


Reduction of resource consumption

Aramon is a company dedicated to promoting and developing the mountain and snow tourism sector, boasting the largest skiable domain in Spain. They faced a technological challenge that would enable real-time control of their resorts, improve efficiency, optimize resources, and provide users with a complete experience. Through collaborative teamwork between Aramon and the IoT and Data areas of Integra, a comprehensive solution has been developed to address this challenge

Their main need was to have data for [greater control over consumption] in all their ski resorts and find a comprehensive solution that could scale for all Aramon stations—something robust, secure, and integrated, consolidating all the data into a single model. Additionally, there were certain procedures that needed to be done manually, which was inefficient with more travel and more susceptible to human error or variations

Our solution stands out from other existing solutions in the sector due to the integration of LoRaWAN technology, which establishes a private telecommunications network for long distances. This ensures the reception of [real-time data] from any sensor within the network, [minimizing environmental impact] by eliminating the need for extensive physical infrastructure. The efficiency of our system, driven by this technology, marks a turning point for the skiing industry

A on-premise IoT solution has been designed, integrating the sensorization of the resorts, data access and transformation, hot and cold storage, and visualization through [interactive dashboards] via a web interface with role-restricted access segmented for each station. Collaboratively with Aramon, work has been done on the development and optimization of the solution, continuously training operators to be capable of autonomously performing future configurations or modifications. Interactive panels on a web platform facilitate data visualization. Node-RED programming adds flexibility and customization to our system

With the first implementation, we have achieved access to more relevant operational data, resulting in improved management and a significant reduction in electricity usage. The information related to consumption has tripled compared to what the client knew before implementing IoT technology. This translates not only into cost savings but also into an increase in sustainability on environmental, social, and economic fronts

  • Energy and Resource Efficiency
  • Productivity Improvement
  • Cost Reduction
  • Facilitating control and decision-making
  • Enhancement of user experience.
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