Setting up a system for collecting key production data


Automated and decentralised management of production data.


25% reduction in water consumption in one of the processes with 1 month of data.


Industry 4.0 platform for data capture, storage and processing.

Fribin is a leading company in the meat sector with more than 530 experts, exporting more than 60% of its production to countries in Europe, North America, Africa and Asia. With a surface area of more than 50,000 square metres, Fribin processes more than 92,000 tonnes of meat annually in its pork division and 43,000 tonnes in its beef division, totalling more than 280 million in annual revenue.

Fribin had all the ingredients to drive its sustainable impact on the world: the will to do it, a motivated team to achieve the goal and they were convinced that technology was the way forward. After several initiatives and experiments, there was still one piece missing in the puzzle: Fribin needed a partner who understood their problems and convictions, who visualised their goals and empowered them by sharing their technology expertise. That's when Integra came into the picture.

FRIBIN, a leading company in the meat sector dedicated to the wholesale distribution of pork and beef, had a complete industrial automation system that generated a lot of information that was not being used in any way. The company was looking to improve its production processes, quality, maintenance, etc. to increase its competitiveness and sustainability.

Departments within the organisation did not have enough information on the production process and no way to consider any kind of change. The lack of data created a sense of obscurity that made trying to make any improvements in sustainability unmanageable. The beginnings were complex and few results were achieved: the adoption of technology generated some divergence in the company but from the collaboration between the team, the idea that improvement was possible was born.

Fribin, IoT and Power BI in the service of production data

The IoT division within Integra, together with Fribin, created a team that could make decisions that will bring greater sustainability, based on the newly collected data which provided valuable information that the company had previously lacked. The desired objective was clearly achieved in the form of data, knowledge and actions..

Once the data was generated, extracted and unified, Power BI was selected as the appropriate tool to make use of all the knowledge generated from Fribin's industrial processes and Integra's data analysis expertise. Power BI by Microsoft became a unique tool to support accessible, inclusive and sustainable day-to-day decision-making.

Departments such as maintenance, quality, production, engineering or logistics started to be part of the solution, adding value and sharing knowledge acquired over a long period of time, turning the data dashboard into an active part of the analysis and knowledge generation.

In view of the excellent results, we can affirm that change and transformation is possible also in an industry labelled as non-green, as long as the organisation is determined to look towards a sustainable future for the company.

We can provide some data on the actions carried out:

  • 3% reduction in electricity consumption in industrial cooling generation processes.
  • Decrease in 25% of total annual water consumption at the production site.
  • 10% increase in productivity inside the packaging section of the freezer.
  • Improved transparency of information and delivery of data to decision-makers.

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