Bye Email Marketing! Hello Marketing Automation!

Date 30/04/2019
Hour 09:30 am
Duration 1 h

Stop sending the same content to the same people.
Marketing Automation platforms easily help you to know your real customers behavior and preferences.

In this webinar we will present the benefits of marketing automation and we will show some best practices and tips to learn how to know and segment your customers.

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  • Welcome to the behavioral marketing
  • Main trends and benefits in Marketing Automation Strategy
  • Change the way to engage: best practices to know and engage your customers
  • Real time demo based in ActiveCampaign marketing automation platform:
      - Advanced segmentation
      - Multichannel automation flow

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About us:

With a team of over 40 marketing professionals, together with a team of over 50 developers, we can embrace integrated marketing projects of any kind.

We have more than 20 people certified in different marketing automation platforms such as IBM Watson Campaign Automation, ActiveCampaign, Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Hubspot. We have a specific division managing marketing automation projects, which provides us a differential advantage against our competitors.