Digital Twins in industry: how do I start?

Date 10/06/2021
Hour 10:30 am
Duration 1h

In the webinar we will see how to initiate our factories in creating digital twins: How do we give “digital life” to these assets that until now had just a “physical one”?

Digital Twins are intended to transform large industrial processes. They are a disruptive technology that assure the (R)evolution of the industry and will be essential for 4.0 factories.

Gartner predicted for this year that half of the largest industrial companies would face digital twins technologies what will translate into an increase of 10% in productivity.

Will your factory be between these companies?


• Digital Twins: What are they and what value do they add to my company?

• Industry and Digital Twin as the bridge to 4.0

• Tools to initiate with digital twins.

• Digital Twins Success cases.