Discover how LoRa technology can help your business

Date 21/10/2021
Hour 10:00(CEST)
Duration 1h

Speaking about IoT means speaking about connecting different objects. LoRa is the ideal technology for long-range connectivity, since it allows deploying an IoT network that covers large areas, and it doesn’t require a hard deployment. Furthermore, thanks to its low energy consumption, it allows the sensorization of places where there is no available electricity.

All of this makes it ideal for applications such as Smart Cities, Smart Farming or Smart Industry.

Table of contents of the webinar:

  • What is LoRa and what is LoraWAN.
  • Which are the advantages of utilizing this technology?
  • Discover its applications and scope of action.
  • Learn some of our more relevant use cases that utilize the LoRa technology.
  • How to start deploying a LoRa network within your company.