Know the solution to control people and vehicles influx during Covid-19

Date 21/05/2020
Hour 11:00 am
Duration 1 hour
Have you ever considered the advantages of knowing people influx in your space?

Knowing people and vehicles influx can be very useful to predict masses, value the use of facilities, manage consumptions and, improve people’s safety or even control confinement.

Due to the IoT S-PACES solution,developed with Microsoft technology, it is possible to know in real time the number of people and vehicles within a specific space thanks to the signals sent by their mobile devices. Furthermore, it is possible to obtain reports with data collected during several days, what helps while taking decisions and lets act in advance.

In this webinar, we will know its technology and functioning, as well as we will approach success cases where the solution was deployed like Water Park in Zaragoza (Spain) or Crawford Lake Park in Canada.


• S-PACES: what is it and how can it help me?

• Technology and performing of the solution

• Platform: a tailor-made design to meet your needs

• Real success cases