Friday, 25 January, 2019
Attracting young talent is an obligation for any company that wants to ensure its sustainability and future growth. Now the candidate decides in which company he wants to work. On March 7th will take place the inauguration of the first edition of the Talent Games in which students and recent graduates can participate in a great Escape Play with the challenges posed by different companies.

We have developed an innovative attraction program in which students, the University and companies come together in a model for generating participatory activities and challenges. Until March 7th, the starting date of the games, students will be able to register through the official website forming teams of three people, not necessarily of the same competence profile. Until then, we will be visiting the different faculties of the University of Zaragoza: Sciences, Economics and Business and the School of Engineering and Architecture.

On the day of the inauguration, the presentation of the companies will take place and we will celebrate a great Escape Play in the Study Room of the Faculty of Economics and Business, where the students will be able to win great prizes. First-place team members will win a MacBook Air.

After that, participating companies will launch their challenges, challenging students to do their best. From March 11th-25th, they will be able to develop and present these challenges to companies. If selected, they'll get paid internships or even a master's degree. The winners will be announced at the end of the Games, which will take place at the Zaragoza University Job Fair on 19th April.

We want to build a strong and lasting connection with students and bring their talent to companies. Let's do it in their language!