Artificial intelligence and cognitive services, protagonists of the Amsterdam event

Tuesday, 1 October, 2019
Last September 25th, Integra celebrated, together with Microsoft, the event "AI and Cognitive Services: from fiction to reality with real cases" in which, through the presentation of use cases already implemented by Integra in other companies, the real potential of Artificial Intelligence and in companies and some of its multiple practical applications was made known.

The workshop, which was held at Microsoft's headquarters in Amsterdam, began with a brief talk by Guillermo Renancio, IoT Director at Integra, who introduced the session by introducing Integra to the attendees.

Next, Ivan Rogani, Business Development Director of Integra Innovation, explained the impact of Artificial Intelligence and cognitive services on organisations' strategies.

Jorge Sanz, Data & AI Director, and Lidia Orellana, Lead Data & AI Consultant, explained the different AI platforms that cover each need, and the success cases of "RTVE: 360º audience analysis", and "BSH smart appliances".

At the end of the event, attendees were able to enjoy some networking time.