BImpact, among the Power BI solutions referenced by Microsoft on its website

Wednesday, 29 April, 2020

Microsoft has published in its web BImpact, the platform for Data Analysis in Social Networks with Microsoft Power BI.

Social Media has become the meeting point for all companies stakeholders (clients, suppliers, users, employees, competitors…) so it is vital to know what happens there.

Nevertheless, things get complicated taking into account the heterogeneity of data and its different origins. Each social network (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter) has its own way to register data, to interact with users, to post. Consequently, it is necessary to acquire transversal indicators for all social media channels to let us know if we are having good or bad assessments or the impact of our posts.

Furthermore, the amount of data generated by each social network environment makes difficult to obtain transversal indicators to measure visibility and the assessment of our company.

To face that, it is indispensable to design a system able to gather, process, analyse and visualise these data to enable companies to take decisions based on these analysis results.

BImpact is an Artificial Intelligence real-time solution that enables users to have a consolidated analysis of the information generated in their social media.

Data are analysed and utilised to typify user’s behaviour on digital channels regarding different contents. It also analyses the consumptions, habits and preferences of the users. In other words, to get to know the most liked videos, the posts with more interactions or the evolution of our social media so that we can find all the information on a single analysis platform.

With this service, we provide the 4 phases that every data analysis project must cover.

  • Data gathering. It allows to connect to every social network or even corporative web if it has Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics. One of BImpact strengths is the possibility to catch all this information without being blocked by social networks protection mechanisms.
  • Processing. Social networks provide with aggregated data: how many users do I have, how many followers or how many likes but cannot track how these interactions are evolving, when the activity increases or what should be published at that moment. BImpact processes all this information.
  • Shaping. With data processed, the tool introduces several rules to shape metrics that will be later portrayed in the dashboards.
  • Visualising. At the main dashboard screen aggregated data can be visualised to, by clicking on the icons of the networks, access to customized screens for every social network.

What about BImpact technology?

BImpact is based on Microsoft Technology:

  • Azure: Microsoft Public Cloud Platform responsible for gathering, processing and shaping data.
  • Power BI: for visualisation an self-consumption through advanced dashboards

It is the reference tool in market, being the leader BI tool during 4 years in a row according to the Gartner Magic Quadrant. That reinforce our position as Microsoft Gold Partner.


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