Denison Global Forum 2022, new models of business culture

Friday, 20 May, 2022
Our consulting area played a leading role in the Denison 2022 global forum. A global event in which the central theme is the transformation of organisations through culture and leadership.

Qualitas, an Integra company, has become one of Denison Consulting's strategic partners of reference thanks to the common purpose of establishing a high performance culture model in organisations. Since the beginning of this collaboration, the projects in which we have worked together have become examples to be followed by different companies that want to experience a real change in their business culture, which is why one of them was chosen to expose in depth the virtues that using this methodology has in the implementation of management models.

On this occasion, we were able to develop in depth our project to implement the EFQM 2020 model in ArcelorMittal together with Tomás Ramos, plant manager of this organisation. The basis for designing the strategic plan to achieve this change is to involve everyone in this change, giving greater value to the opinion of workers, suppliers and customers, thus defining the values and behaviours that will be evaluated and used as a control measure with which to study the evolution achieved. This transformation converts opinions and perceptions into statistical results that help us to achieve a consistent, adaptable change that creates a new vision and mission for the organisation with the participation of the entire team during the process.

The event was attended by Denison Consulting's senior leaders, Dan Denison, President and Founder, and Karen Jones, Director of Denison Europe, as well as Natalia Vicente, our Head of Transformation from Culture and Leadership.