Integra and Suitech join their forces to promote hotel sector

Thursday, 2 July, 2020
The IoT Team of Integra together with Suitech have developed the solution called iHotel to support hotel sector after COVID-19.

The enormous range of people working in our company and their knowledge have anticipated the future one more time by developing innovative solutions. In this case, thanks to the cooperation between Integra and Suitech, we have developed the solution iHotel in order to help hotel sector, one of the most affected sectors during COVID-19.

Our main goal is to provide this sector with the technologies they need to make it safe and control guests in the hotel with IoT solutions.

iHotel concept encompasses different solutions to improve guests experience before, during and after their stay. Integrating IoT solutions into hotel spaces will allow them to improve the management of spaces inside the hotel with cameras counting people or controlling fever, smartly manage their supplies with sensors and predictive analytics and, customise the information they send to their customers according to their location and interests.

What are you waiting for to discover the new concept our colleagues have developed?

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