Integra becomes Microsoft Partner Pledge

Thursday, 11 November, 2021

Integra, as a committed partner not only with its clients but also with society, has been one of the first partners agreeing with this initiative and becoming Microsoft Partner Pledge. Now Integra is committed to put technology at every user’s disposal ethically and responsibly and working hand by hand with Microsoft to transform the technology sector into a diverse, inclusive, and sustainable one.

This initiative seeks to reinforce and encourage the partnership between all the partners sharing the same technology vision and customer engagement, focused on the following four critical goals: digital skills, responsible and ethical AI, diversity, and sustainability. Partners are pledged to:

- Help the Spanish economy and society to be ready for the fourth industrial revolution challenges with the programme of digital skills of Microsoft.

- Promote diversity and inclusion by reflecting and supporting society, working to improve the diversity of our technical staff.

- Guarantee that artificial intelligence is developed and implemented ethically and responsibly as exposed in AI for Good and Future Computed.

- Carry out actions for sustainability and reduction of the carbon footprint.

Last 22nd October, the agreement was signed by Félix Gil, CEO of Integra, and Carolina Castillo, Director of Microsoft Partners Iberia.