Integra holds its first event in Amsterdam

Thursday, 4 July, 2019
On June 18th Integra held its first event at Microsoft's headquarters in Amsterdam 'The (r)evolution of IoT with Microsoft: real stories with Integra Innovation', which revolved around the impact of digital transformation and IoT on the business strategy of companies, as well as successful projects resulting from the impact of Microsoft's IoT Central.

The day began with the intervention of the CEO of Integra Innovation Félix Gil, who explained Integra's expansion, what its mission is, its challenges and how its culture of anticipation aims to help solve its clients' needs.

Next, Ivan Rogani , Business Development Director of Integra Innovation, explained the impact of Digital Transformation and IoT in the business strategy of companies. For this purpose, he highlighted several success stories such as Ibercaja's Smarteye project, Connected Houses for Grupo Lobe Construcciones, PRL guide for Cepyme, business analysis for Bodegas Emilio Moro, smart molds for B/S/H or pallets control for the Ribawood company.

After him, Gabriel García, Integra's IoT Consultant, focused his talk on the impact of IoT Central by Microsoft, a global solution that facilitates the connection, monitoring and management of IoT resources at scale.

Guillermo Renancio , Director of IoT at Integra, explained the success story of the Pernod Ricard Connected Industry, in which IIoT was applied with the aim of extend the remote control in real time the water meters of the factory, replace the manual measurement with a digital measurement, exploit information to obtain indicators that facilitate production decision making and environmental management and prepare re-usable IoT infraestructure.

Ivan Rogani and Gabriel García intervened again to deepen the success case of SmartEye for Ibercaja, a project developed by Integra to promote the sustainability and efficiency of agriculture in Aragón.

Finally, there was a networking where very interesting ideas about innovation were shared with the attendees.