Integra participates in the project for monitoring public spaces

Monday, 9 March, 2020
Thanks to IoT, Smart Cities are no longer just a dream of the future. ‘Anticipation’ is our hallmark and the reason why we anticipate the future by developing solutions that make our day-to-day life easier.

The City Council of Zaragoza wanted to obtain smart insights regarding the mobility in the Water Park of Zaragoza to manage the resources destined to this public space efficiently.

The City Council has trusted Integra to develop the project, and Libelium has recently published a case study that tells how we have carried it out.

In order to control the flow of people and vehicles, we had to install two Libelium mesh scanners at the accesses to the Park. These scanners receive the Bluetooth signals emitted by the mobile devices of the citizens and their vehicles, and collect them through a platform hosted in Microsoft Azure IoT Cloud, to later visualize the data through a simple and intuitive control panel.

The so called S-PACES solution allows monitoring the Water Park of Zaragoza by measuring the flow of people and vehicles that pass through it every day, as well as the total time dedicated to each space belonging to the Park. The City Council will be able to make strategic decisions to pursue the well-being of the citizens while the citizens of Zaragoza can demand the improvement of public services.

Our product S-PACES is already published in Libelium's IoT Market Place, so what are you waiting for to discover it?

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