Integra present at the IOT Solutions World Congress

Wednesday, 6 November, 2019
Once again Integra will take the leading role at the IOT Solutions World Congress, the largest international Internet of Things event that took place from 29 to 31 October in Barcelona.

On this occasion Integra has had a double participation in the congress, on the one hand with its own stand and, on the other, giving one of the talks in the Congress part. Regarding the first one, Integra was selected as one of the 10 best testbeds in the world for its project Agrotech (IoT solution deployed from Integra's Smarteye product) in Ibercaja.

Visitors who were able to approach this testbed could learn about and interact with our product Smarteye, the first global solution to democratize the use of IOT for intelligent agriculture. It is a generic, multi-user platform developed by Integra for the agricultural sector, hosted by Microsoft Azure and using Libelium sensory technology. A scalable and adaptable product anywhere in the world that helps global sustainability and improve the daily life of farmers in an affordable and effective way, as through intelligent agricultural devices can monitor fields and farms by obtaining useful information and indicators to help farmers such as soil moisture, soil and environmental temperature, atmospheric pressure, wind speed, and so on.

Agrotech was also the protagonist of one of the conferences of the congress: 'Ibercaja: The IOT Revolution for young farmers' in which Félix Gil, CEO of Integra, Guillermo Renancio, IOT Director of Integra, Nacho Torre, Digital Strategy and Marketing Director of Ibercaja and Víctor Royo, Digital Strategy and Innovation Head of Ibercaja.