Integra presents their new IoT solution: Co2 Care

Thursday, 15 July, 2021

We are living in difficult times right now, but correctly measuring air quality indoors has allowed businesses from different sectors to start working at full capacity. CO2 Care puts technology at people’s service with an innovative IoT solution that helps protect the security of employees and users.

CO2 Care is an IoT solution based on Sigfox and Azure IoT Central technologies. It monitors CO2 levels, temperature and humidity in just one platform. The device is plug & play which means it doesn’t require an installation, and its battery is designed up to 4 years, which allows us to start monitoring the values that affect the security of our employees from the first moment and long-term.

The new legislative changes regarding air quality indoors emphasize the indications coming from the Interterritorial Council of the National Health System, and many autonomous communities such as Galicia, Navarra or Baleares have already applied the new regulations and conditions for the opening of all kinds of premises (offices, venues, industry, catering, hotels, etc.)

Labour risk prevention considers this an aspect of utmost importance due to the changes experienced during the last year, and so it is necessary to measure CO2 and follow every condition to adjust to the recommendations required for a healthy and safe environment. This system allows a great level of customization in terms of users, roles, visualization panels, maps, alerts and roles, which makes it a very useful tool for preventive health.

It has been approved by Microsoft and it is found among the platforms included in their App Source.