Microsoft publishes Smarteye, the IoT solution developed by Integra, in their marketplace

Friday, 14 May, 2021
The Microsoft Azure Marketplace now counts with the smart agriculture solution based on IoT, Smarteye.

Integra, in collaboration with Microsoft, Ibercaja and Libelium, has developed a smart agriculture solution that helps achieve greater efficiency in agricultural exploitations. Farmers will be able to achieve a more efficient consumption of natural resources, as well as knowing when the best time to sow, water, fertilize or harvest would be with the help of smart devices installed within the soil and data analysis within the cloud.

Smarteye is a generic multi-user platform hosted on Microsoft Azure and it’s an IoT tool that allows displaying high value agronomic data. This system allows tracking fields and farms in order to measure variables that will bring farmers useful information such as productivity increase, time and cost reduction, improved decision-making, saving of natural resources, etc.

Together and thanks to Internet of Things, we help digitally transform the rural sector.

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