Are you sure you control your business social media accurately?

Date 29/04/2020
Category Big Data

On this confinement, we are ‘living’ more and more on our social media. We not only use them personally but also professionally. Social media have become the meeting point for every group of interest in companies. Current or potential customers, suppliers, users and workers among others, make appointments on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube to talk about business.

According to the social media annual study 2019 of IAB Spain, 85% of people with internet access in Spain are active users in social media and represent 25 million people in our country. And it is a growing trend.

Traditional interaction channels between stakeholders and companies have gone out of fashion. Traditional tools to measure our groups of interest interaction are not useful anymore. Now, the main point for companies is to get to know what is told about us on social media.

Nevertheless, the idiosyncrasy of each platform, their differences and the big volume of data they produce does not ease the process. To face this problem it is vital to design a system to consolidate, process, analyse an visualise this information in order to make decisions based on the results we have obtained with the analysis.

BImpact is a real-time Artificial Intelligence solution based on Azure and Power BI technology that enables users to have a consolidated analysis of the information generated in their social media.

Data are analysed and utilised to typify user’s behaviour on digital channels regarding different contents. It also analyses the consumptions, habits and preferences of the users. In other words, it gets to know the most liked videos, the posts with more interactions or the evolution of our social media so that we can find all the information on a single analysis platform.

Why is BImpact different?

BImpact gives us access to:

  • Impressions: Check and compare diary views and interactions of your social media or filter by ranges of dates, social media, posts, origin or content.
  • Best time to post: Find the best time to post in your social media.
  • Interactions: Check all the interactions on every social media (celebrations, speakers, conversations, posts, followers…).shutter
  • Averages: Check the views, totally or the average per visit.
  • Comparator: Compare contents or products regarding views or reactions.
  • Also, BImpact users can access specific details for every social media they control. The details of each social media can be checked by clicking on the icons at the top of the dashboard.

BImpact is a solution on a platform, that is to say, it is not necessary to have an infrastructure to deploy it as it is already deployed in Azure.

Additionally, BImpact introduction is ready to install, letting the company start controlling their social media almost automatically.

Finally, it is possible to customise or integrate it in other systems already deployed in the company if needed.

Social distancing measures taken due to COVID-19 have produced a dramatic increase of social media activity. Reality is that as it happens, it will decrease, but not much. This current crisis will be a turning point for many of our previous behaviour patterns and our relationships will be the most affected one.

Social media relationships are an irrefutable fact that companies cannot ignore. For this reason, having tools like BIMPACT, that let us accurately follow up the interactions on Social Media, will be, without a shadow of a doubt, the key to success for the ones who decide to ride the innovation wave.

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Iván Toda