How to create your brand image in Instagram

Date 1/09/2021
Category Digital Marketing

If your Company doesn’t currently have presence in Instagram, you are missing out on a great opportunity. Social Media don’t only give fame, they also allow creating a loyal community that will come to you before coming to the competition without giving it much thought.

Creating your brand image in Instagram isn’t as hard as it looks, but being consistent and having a clear content strategy is essential. Let us explain how your company or business can achieve that.

Don’t be fooled, nowadays social media is saturated with companies trying to enter the digital world. Creating a community from scratch isn’t as easy as it used to be, but it is possible, and these are the key aspects you must have in mind in order to start creating your brand image in Instagram.

Define your voice and your story

Your brand image in Instagram must be aligned with your company’s values and goals. To start creating a content strategy you need to know exactly what to tell and how.

Brand “storytelling” is what succeeds in social media. All elements of your brand image join forces to tell your company’s story. Having your organization’s values well defined is essential, as well as defining why your service or product brings value to users and which is your differential value.

If all of this has been dealt with, you can then start creating your brand image in Instagram.

  • Choose the proper voice tone to connect with your target client (juvenile, formal, educational, journalistic).
  • Select a colour palette consistent with what you want to transmit.
  • Define your visual content’s style (Minimalistic, overloaded, product pictures, explanatory videos, with text, etc.)

Creating content for Instagram

The range of content creation possibilities in Instagram is very wide, from pictures to stories, reels and IGTV. The general recommendation is using all of them, but first you must consider this: Not posting is better than posting anything meaningless.

Posting daily content isn’t necessary, but you must at least do it regularly, and the content must be varied. You should analyse which type of content you can offer (humour, data, visually attractive pictures or videos, etc.) should you can plan a content schedule for Instagram that says what and when you are going to post.

Instagram interactions: the key to success

Once you have defined your brand image in Instagram and you have created your account and started posting content, the next task is getting a loyal audience. Having an attractive profile, an interesting product and a friendly tone isn’t enough for your Instagram’s community to grow.

Instagram’s algorithm changes every now and then and the last updates find some common grounds: engagement is the priority and it brings the most visibility, so it is essential that you measure your results and monitor your actions.

Engagement refers to the users’ interactions with your posts. Instagram values the quantity as much as the quality of these interactions and considers them when showing your content to other users. In order of priority, these are the main ways users can interact with your content:

  • Superlike (Saving your post).
  • Share.
  • Comments.
  • Likes.

Getting these interactions requires time and dedication, as well as valuable and attractive content. However, there is a golden rule: If you engage with your community, it engages with you.

Strategies to improve your engagement in Instagram

To improve your engagement in Instagram, you can follow some of these tactics:

  • Create discussions: In your posts, ask for opinions and be interested in your users’ experiences. Throw questions and answer your followers’ comments, always trying to hold a conversation.
  • Share the User Generated Content: If your followers are creating content (pictures, videos, reviews, etc.) about your product/service, share it. Clients will then see the brand tries to have close ties with them and cares their satisfaction.
  • Take advantage of the stories to make polls, games and other interactive activities that generate engagement and allow you to better understand your followers’ preferences and interests, that way you will be able to improve user loyalty.

We help you create your brand image in Instagram

Creating and managing your brand image in Instagram is a full-time job. That is why in most cases it’s better to get help from professionals that can dedicate the necessary time into your brand’s growth and success in social media. Do you have any doubts about how to create your brand image in Instagram or are you looking for someone that can develop it? Contact us and we will help you create the perfect plan.



María Pilar Manzanero