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30% savings in planning time


Improved anticipation by reducing the gap between demand and availability of employees by 75%.


Optimization of reporting time from days to minutes

HTOP Hotels group has established itself as a leading Catalan holiday hotel chain with 17 hotels located on the Costa Brava, Costa Daurada and Costa de Barcelona. It belongs to a family group with a single focus: to provide memorable stays in a sun and beach environment, under the all-inclusive modality.

HTOP Hotels group was in need of a tool that would allow them to carry out detailed analysis and planning for each of the hotels it manages and in each of its areas of operation, with the aim of improving strategic decision-making and optimizing operational efficiency

HTOP Hotels and IBM Planning Analytics

Integra decided that the solution that met all the needs of the hotel chain was IBM Planning Analytics.

IBM Planning Analytics has enabled HTOP Hotels to carry out comprehensive planning and analysis of its operations, not only in financial terms but also in key operational aspects. The tool has provided the hotel chain with the ability to foresee hypothetical scenarios, which has been of great value for strategic decision-making.

One of the main advantages of IBM Planning Analytics is its ability to analyze large volumes of data in real-time. HTOP Hotels has been able to use this capability to collect and analyze information from its different hotels in real-time, significantly enhancing its ability to respond quickly to market changes and adjust its strategies as needed. Additionally, it has allowed HTOP Hotels to track key performance indicators (KPIs) in detail across all areas of its hotel operations. This has facilitated the identification of areas for improvement and the timely implementation of corrective measures.

The implementation of IBM Planning Analytics has also improved collaboration among different departments at HTOP Hotels. The tool provides a centralized platform where teams can collaborate on planning and data analysis, fostering communication and synergy among the various stakeholders involved in decision-making.

The incorporation of IBM Planning Analytics has provided the hotel chain with an enhanced ability to conduct detailed analysis and planning, both at the financial and operational levels. Thanks to this solution, HTOP Hotels has been able to make more informed decisions, optimize its performance, and strengthen its competitive position in the hotel market.

  • HTOP has achieved a 30% reduction in planning time as Planning Analytics allows collaborative work with template management connected to associated costs. Moreover, configured options for automatic data input enable the swift configuration of template schedules.
  • HTOP has improved its ability to anticipate the labor market, reducing the gap between demand and employee availability by 75% during critical business moments. Leveraging forecasts for stays, rooms, etc., HTOP can set schedules and vacations for its staff based on predicted stays. Additionally, they have the ability to simulate fictional individuals to foresee future hires. Since it is connected with cost data, they can also have a comprehensive estimate of hotel-associated costs.
  • The time for generating reports on payroll and overall hotel situations has also been optimized by connecting the Planning tool with Cognos Analytics. Previously, several days were dedicated to collecting this data for analysis, and now they have this information in minutes.
  • All time optimizations in HTOP's processes result in cost savings as personnel dedicated to template management can use the surplus time for other hotel management tasks. They attribute value to their work, which was previously focused on Excel, and now they are dedicated to people.

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